Zhang Chunyu
Highest Education Ph.D.
Phone 020-38674119
Email czhang2019@scbg.ac.cn
Office 723 Xingke St, Tianhe District Guangzhou
Education and Appointments

2005.9-2009.7 Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University B.S.

2009.9-2012.7 Shenyang Agricultural University M.S.

2012.9-2016.7 Institute of Crop Science, The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Ph.D.

2017.2-2019.2 Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

2019.3-       Associate Professor in SCBG

Research Interest

The function of NF-YC in gene transcriptional regulation

Public Services
Selected Publication

1.      Chunyu Zhang*, Li Song*, Manikant Choudhary, Bangjun Zhou, Kyle Broderick, Loren Giesler, Lirong Zeng. Genome-wide analysis of genes encoding core components of the ubiquitin system in soybean (Glycine max) reveals a potential role for ubiquitination in host immunity against soybean cyst nematode. BMC Plant Biology, under review. (*co-first author)

2.      Chunyu Zhang*, Cong Li*, Jun Liu*, Yandong Lv, Chunsheng Yu, Hongyu Li, Tao Zhao, Bin Liu. The OsABF1 transcription factor improves drought tolerance by activating the transcription of COR413-TM1 in rice. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2017, 68 (16): 4695-4707. (IF=5.8)

3.      Chunyu Zhang*, Jun Liu*, Tao Zhao*, Adam Gomez, Cong Li, Chunsheng Yu, Hongyu Li, Jianzhong Lin, Yuanzhu Yang, Chentao Lin and Bin Liu. A Drought-inducible bZIP Transcription Factor OsABF1 Delays Reproductive Timing in Rice. Plant Physiology. 2016, 171 (1): 334-43. (IF=6.8)

4.      Xiaohua Zou*, Zhengrui Qin*, Chunyu Zhang*, Jun Liu, Bin Liu, Chengsheng Zhang, Chentao Lin, Hongyu Li, and Tao Zhao. Overexpression of an S-Domain Receptor-Like Kinase extracellular domain improves panicle architecture and the grain yield in rice. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2015, 66 (22), 7197-7209. (*co-first author) (IF=5.8)

5.      Chunyu Zhang, Cong Li, Jun Liu, Bin Liu, Tao Zhao. Over-expression of a bZIP transcription factor, OsbZIP42, inhibits rice flowering time via activating multiple repressors upstream of Ehd1. (Be prepared)

6.      Cong Li, Xiaohua Zou, Chunyu Zhang, Tao Zhao. OsLBD3-7 Overexpression Induced Adaxially Rolled Leaves in Rice. Plos one. 2016, 11(6). (IF= 2.8)

7.      Zhao, T., Liu, J., Li, H.Y., Lin, J.Z., Bian, M.D., Zhang, C.Y., Zhang, Y.X., Peng, Y.C., Liu, B., and Lin, C. (2015). Using hybrid transcription factors to study gene function in rice. Science China Life sciences, 2015, 58 (11), 1160-1162. (IF= 2.7809)