Zhang Dandan
Highest Education Master Degree
Phone 020-37252960
Email ddzhang@scbg.ac.cn
Office Xingke Road 723, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Education and Appointments

Zhang Dandan senior engineer of the South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of SciencesCAS Key Technology Talent. In 2007, graduated from China Agricultural University majoring in food science and nutrition engineering with a bachelor's degree; hired in the South China Botanical Garden project from 2007 to 2009; admitted to the Biotechnology Center of Southwest University in 2009 to study for a master's degree and obtained a master's degree in 2012; joined South China in the same year Assistant engineer in the Botanical Garden; engineer in 2015; senior engineer in 2020. The main job responsibilities are the construction and management of agricultural product quality and safety test platform, the research of postharvest biology of horticultural crops, and the research of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics storage and preservation technology.

Participated in the publication of 15 important academic papers at home and abroad; applied for 15 domestic invention patents, of which 5 were authorized national invention patents; received 7 awards including the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award. Developed 6 logistics storage, transportation and preservation technologies related to the control of aging and decay of fruits and vegetables, which better solved the key problem of the storage and transportation of southern fruits and vegetables. Some of the technologies have been widely promoted in production and have achieved obvious economic and social benefits .

Research Interest

Fruit and Vegetable Postharvest Biology Research

Public Services

Special Commissioner for Agricultural Science and Technology of Guangdong Province 2017

Guangdong Enterprise Science and Technology Commissioner 2018

Member of Guangzhou Biotechnology Society 2020


(1) Guangzhou Science and Technology Award, first prize, 2015, 11 th

(2) China Business Federation Science and Technology Award, Special Award, 2014, 15 th

(3) Science and Technology Contribution Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and Technology Development Award, the second prize, 2015, 9th

(4) Dabeinong Science and Technology Award Creativity Award, 2015, 13th

(5) Guangdong Science and Technology Award, first prize, 2016, 11th

(6) The 19th China International High-tech Achievement Fair, Excellent Product Award, 2017

(7) 2018-2019 Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award, Outstanding Innovation Team Award, 2019, 17th

Selected Publication

(1) Zhang, Dandan#; Xu, Xiaofeng#; Zhang, Zhengke; Jiang, Guoxiang; Feng, Linyan; Duan, Xuewu*; Jiang, Yueming.6-Benzylamin-opurine improves the quality of harvested litchi fruit. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2018,143: 137-142.

(2) Zhang,Dandan; Zeng,Qing;Jiang,Guoxiang;Jiang,Yueming; Duan,Xuewu*. Regulation of carotenoid biosynthesis in fruits. Science Foundation in China,2018, 26:55-66.

(3) Guoxiang Jiang#, Huiling Yan#, Fuwang Wu, Dandan Zhang, Wei Zeng, Hongxia Qu, Feng Chen, Li Tan, Xuewu Duan*, Yueming Jiang. Litchi Fruit LcNAC1 Is a Target of LcMYC2 and Regulator of Fruit Senescence through Its Interaction with LcWRKY1. Plant and Cell Physiology, 2017, 58:1075-1089.

(4) Guoxiang Jiang#, Lu Xiao#, Huiling Yan, Dandan Zhang, Fuwang Wu, Xuncheng Liu, Xinguo Su, Xinhong Dong, Jiasheng Wang, Xuewu Duan*, Yueming Jiang, Redox regulation of methionine in calmodulin affects the activity levels of senescence-related transcription factors in litchi. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects, 2017, 1861:1140-1151.

(5) Liang Gong, Taotao Li, Feng Chen, Xuewu Duan, Yunfei Yuan, Dandan Zhang, Yueming Jiang*, An inclusion complex of eugenol into b-cyclodextrin: Preparation, and physicochemical and antifungal characterization. Food Chemistry, 2016, 196: 324-330.

(6) Taotao Li#, Ze Yun#, Dandan Zhang, Chengwei Yang, Hong Zhu, Yueming Jiang and Xuewu Duan*, Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins involved in ethylene-induced chilling tolerance in harvested banana fruit. Frontiers in Plant Science ,2015, 6: 845.

(7) Sen Lin, Jirui He, Yueming Jiang, Fuwang Wu, Hui Wang, Dan Wu, Jian Sun, Dandan Zhang, Hongxia Qu, Bao Yang*, Production of nigragillin and dihydrophaseic acid by biotransformation of litchi pericarp with Aspergillus awamori and their antioxidant activities. Journal of Functional Foods, 2014, 7: 278-286.

(8) Hua Huang, Guoxing Jing, Lifang Guo, Dandan Zhang, Bao Yang, Xuewu Duan, Muhammad Ashraf, Yueming Jiang*, Effect of oxalic acid on ripening attributes of banana fruit during storage. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2013, 84: 22-27.

(9) Xuewu Duan*, Ting Liu, Dandan Zhang, Xinguo Su, Hetong Lin, Yueming Jiang, Effect of pure oxygen atmosphere on antioxidant enzyme and antioxidant activity of harvested litchi fruit during storage. Food Research International, 2011, 44(7): 1905-1911.

(10) Fuwang Wu#, Dandan Zhang#, Haiyan Zhang, Guoqiang Jiang, Xinguo Su, Hongxia Qu, Yueming Jiang, Xuewu Duan*, Physiological and biochemical response of harvested plum fruit to oxalic acid during ripening or shelf-life. Food Research International, 2011, 44(5): 1299-1306.

(11) Xuewu Duan*, Haiyan Zhang, Dandan Zhang, Jiangfeng Sheng, Hetong Lin, Yueming Jiang, Role of hydroxyl radical in modi?cation of cell wall polysaccharides and aril breakdown during senescence of harvested longan fruit. Food Chemistry, 2011, 128(1): 203-207.


Authorized Invention Patent

Zhang Dandan, Jiang Yueming, Duan Xuewu, Wu Fuwang, Li Yuebiao, Gong Liang, A safe and efficient method for lychee preservation, July 27, 2018, China, ZL 201410568901.0

Zhang Dandan, Jiang Yueming, Duan Xuewu, Gong Liang, Li Yuebiao, Wu Fuwang, Application of 6-benzylaminopurine in the preparation of anti-Litchi downy phytophthora drugs, 2017.12.29, China, ZL 201511028043.1

Gong Liang, Jiang Yueming, Duan Xuewu, Zhang Dandan, A food preservation microcapsule and its application, 2017.12.19, China, ZL 201410658079.7.

Zhang Dandan, Jiang Yueming, Duan Xuewu, Li Yuebiao, A new method for lychee preservation, October 8, 2015, China, ZL 201410153816.8.

Zhang Dandan, Jiang Yueming, Duan Xuewu, Li Yuebiao, Huang Zihui, A Strawberry Preservation Method, 2015.09.02, China, ZL 201310405033X.

Jiang Yueming, Lin Sen, Zhang Dandan, Duan Xuewu, Yang Bao, Application of Aspergillus awamori GIM 3.4 in the preparation of quercetin from fermented litchi peel, 2015.03.04, China, ZL 201310060543.8.

Qu Hongxia, Jiang Yueming, Yun Ze, Zhang Zhengke, Huang Zihui, Wang Hui, Li Yuebiao, Zhang Dandan, A method for fresh-keeping litchi with epigallocatechin gallate, 2014.12.10, China, ZL201310303313.

Jiang Yueming, Jing Guoxing, Zhang Dandan, Duan Xuewu, A method for treating litchi with pyrogallic acid, 2014.04.23, China, ZL 201210517762.X.